Fundraising enables us to provide costumes and varied opportunities for the group.
We constantly seek sponsors and apply for Awards to support our work.
Dance 21 gratefully acknowledges financial support from:


• Awards For All
• Essex Youth Service Challenge 2000
• Independent sponsors
• Walthamstock Festival Organising Committee
• Maldon Brownies
• RAFA Club, Chelmsford
• Wipe Away Those Tears
• Cameo Ladies Group
• Boswells Academy Trust
• Down Syndrome Extra 21
• DownRight Excellent
• Billericay Round Table
• Bird Luckin
• NewHall Vineyards
• Channels Golf Club



There are lots of things you can do to help raise money for Dance 21 dance group.
To start you off, here are some ideas…

• Make a donation.
• Hold a coffee morning/tea party.
• Car wash at work/school.
• Barbeque/Curry Night/Chinese Night.
• Garage sale.
• Auction of goods/services.
• Garden party.
• Car boot sale.
• Non-uniform day at your child’s school.
• Hold a raffle.
• Let us dance at your event.


Sponsored events such as:

• Go-Kart race with Company sponsorship
• Abseil
• Sky-dive
• Run in a marathon
• Car rally
• Motorbike race
• Paint-balling
• Mountain climbing
• Bike race
• Hair/Beard/Moustache shave
• White water rafting
• Walks
• Slimming
• Give up smoking/drinking alcohol
• Darts match
• Football match
• Sponsored Fancy Dress Party



• A fundraising Dinner/Barn Dance/Ball
• A charity concert

Get others involved:

• Bingo/Race Night.
• Approach your local golf club/Rotary Club/Masonic Lodge.


Anything you can think of to help raise funds would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to discuss any of these further, please feel free to contact us.