Dance21 Chelmsford


We have two groups in Chelmsford,  Dance21 Seniors and Dance21 Juniors.  Both Groups run on Thursday evenings.  For More information on how to get involved please visit the contact us page.



Dance21 Woodford


Our Woodford group was started in 2017 and runs on a Thursday at All Saints Church, Woodford

The group was setup by Christine Kite and Kathy Hart as they could not find anything like it in the local area.  Christine and her daughter were already members of Dance21 ,  but Christie decided that setting up a group closer to home would be of a huge benifit to the local area.  She was immediately shown to be correct as due to the popularity of the group she now thinks she may need to start a second one!


Local interest has been so good that the group has featured in the local new on a couple of occasions already