We thought you might like to see what Dance 21 group, their parents and professionals actually think about their performances and would like to share this with you.




“We had the best day of our lives at the Mardi Gras Shows.”

“I like dancing at the Theatres in London and Chelmsford. I like the music.”

“I enjoy going to dancing to get to know new friends, learn new dances and, hopefully, one day get on TV.”

“I enjoy dancing very much. It gives me the chance to spend time with my friends. I like learning new dances and taking part in shows.
Its fun !!!”

“I like dressing up and dancing in shows. It is good to meet up with friends once a week and I’m so glad Jean is our teacher.”

“Dancing is good for me.”

“It’s a good place for children to let loose and have fun!!!”




“Our daughter makes up her own dance routines at home as a natural progression from the dance class.”

“Our daughter just loves performing to an audience and it has made her more confident.”

“The change in my son over the last couple of years has been tremendous. He is more willing to try out new things and seems more motivated.”

“The dancing allows her to be part of a team, teaching her how to interact, appreciate and, above all else, have fun with others. She always looks forward with enthusiasm to her Thursday nights and calls it her ‘Special Dance class’. As long as she does, it is worth the long drive every week to get there.”

“We are grateful our daughter is accepted for who she is and is encouraged to move forward at her own speed. Her confidence is growing and she enjoys going to the dance class.”

“I love to see how an audience reacts to our special dance group. They want to join in and actively encourage the dancers to give of their best.”

“Dancing has allowed our daughter to express herself in a new way. It has helped her confidence and, believe it or not, her agility! She will now spontaneously start dancing to a pop song, using some of the dance moves she has learnt in class.”




“I thought you guys were amazing. I have not been that happy in a long time.” – Kimberly Wyatt (Singer/Dancer)

“Such a professional group! The parents must be so proud of their children.”

“After watching the show: I couldn’t speak at the end of the performance, they blew me away.” – Marlyn Leon (Dance Teacher)

“I have worked with a lot of the dancers in the past and it is such a joy to see how they have grown and what they are capable of.” – Jean Offord (Occupational Therapist)

“They never cease to amaze me.”

“What stars they all are.” – Bonnie Langford (Dancer)

“They work so well together and it is so good to see the full range of ages. What an inspiration!”

“They are constantly teaching me new things.” – Jean Hunter (Dance Teacher)

“Everytime I see Dance 21 Dance Group perform they amaze me. They give their all and dance with a passion that cannot fail to touch your heart. I’m a proud groupie!” – Maureen Godier

“An inspiration to many people. They have such an amazing way of expressing themselves.” – Sarah Goodwin (Dance Teacher)

“Their dancing changes people’s perceptions in a positive way.” – Hannah Lustig (Dance Teacher)